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Energy Efficiency Reduces Emissions

Energy Efficiency Reduces Emissions

Energy Efficiency Reduces EmissionsEnergy Efficiency Reduces EmissionsEnergy Efficiency Reduces Emissions

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Independent consultant providing science-based research and policy analysis on mitigation of climate change through energy and water efficiency, including technologies, policies (national, leading states, cities), and behaviors (institutional and individual) 



Aspen Environmental Group (subcontract to California Energy Commission, Demand Analysis Office). Residential Demand Forecast Improvement

2050 Partners, Codes and standards advocacy, federal and California.

California Public Utility Commission, Energy Division. Technical adviser on codes and standards


CLASP (Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program). Technical adviser on global energy efficiency and energy efficiency programs.



2019 Nov 17-21. BECC Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference.


2019 Jun 19. Innovation & Impact 2019 Symposium, Transforming California with Clean Technology. Prospect Silicon Valley.  https://innovationandimpact.com/ 

2019 Jun 3-8. ECEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Presqu'ile de Giens, France.  https://www.eceee.org/summerstudy/ 

2019 Jun 3-5. International Energy Agency, 38th International Energy Workshop. Paris, France.  https://www.iea.org/IEW2019/ 

2019 May 2. WEBINAR. Electric Heat Pumps for Domestic Space and Water Heating: Applications and Considerations, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco, CA. 

2019 May 1. System Integration Forum: Climate Change and the 2021 Power Plan Workshop, Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

2019 Apr 16. 2019 Spring Symposium. Learning from the Past: Navigating the Present; Shaping the Future, California Efficiency and Demand Management Council, Berkeley, California. 

2019 Apr 15. (TRAINING) California Efficiency and Demand Management Council, Efficiency and Demand Response Training, Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco, California

2019 Apr 9. (WORKSHOP) California Energy Commission, Staff Workshop to Solicit Comment for the Development of the 2019 California Energy Efficiency Action Plan, California Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, California

2019 Apr 8. (WORKSHOP) California Building Decarbonization, California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Mar 21. (PUBLIC MEETING) U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Conservation Standards Process Rule. Washington DC.


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